Download HWK+UFS Box New Update 2013 v20.20.003

Mlm Abhishek Sharma

New HWK Update v20.20.000

This is not the same version of old v20.20.000 had released on

 2011, this version will support for some NOKIA new products e.g
Asha phones.

Add these links to your torrent machine:

Uninstall your old HWK Suite v20.20.000
Uninstall old HWK Support Suite v20.20.000 [old version 2011]

Install first HWK Support Suite Setup v20.20.000 [ 2013 version ]
Install HWK Major then minor 1 to 3
NOTICE: Do upgrade your UFS HWK in the early morning to prevent bad connection in traffic. 

I've done it  on 6 o'clock to 8 o'clock in the morning by western indonesian time without any problem from the begining of downloading and upgrade finished.

Ready To Use :)


Download Link:


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Download most recent version
ufs hwk latest version v3.03 download

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