MXKEY/MXBOX v3.5 revision 1.8 Nightly Builds Update - 12 March 2012

Mlm Abhishek Sharma

MXKEY / MXBOX v3.5 revision 1.8
 Nightly Builds

- added: XGold 101,XGold 110 hash reading with HTI
implemented to regular nokia module and SL3 Logger

- added:  XGold 101,XGold 110 rpl recovery with HTI
(Services->IMEI &  Security->IMEI rebuild, check "Dead Mode(Recovery)")

- added: WP7 host drivers to "data\drivers\nokia\wp\WMZuneSerUSB.inf"
used to working with Lumia (no need to install Zune)

- bugfix: FireAgent hung on loading empty packages

How to update: -
Open mobileEx.exe, Click "Synchronize Files" and
 Click "Update" when popup dialog showed.

MxKey/MxBox v3.5 Revision 1.8 Setup Download


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