Volcano Box V1.2.0 New Setup Ready For Download

Mlm Abhishek Sharma

Volcano Box Ver 1.2.0
 Whats new in it ?  
1.Adjust Infineon 7900
(It will solve many but if still any left kindly report)

2.Add SPD 6800H new Flash supported
(Added Some New 6800H Flash Id if you still have any phone which can't write please report us)

3.Add SPD 6600L new Flash supported
(Added Some New 6600L Flash Id if you still have any phone which Not Supported Please report us)

4.Adjust Detection
(Detect Improved)

5.volcano box firmware will be updated
New Box firmware Added

Keep in mind This update have Box Firmware this mean when you install  this 1.2.0 and run it . it will AUTO update BOX FRIMWARE so please Make  sure your Connection of BOX is stable and communication is Well Good and  Your electricity will not Off During Update

For Know More Info Visit Below Link. Volcano Box 1.2.0 Update just Launched

Downloading Links:

Official Download Link
VolcanoTool_v1.2.0 Full.exe - Downloads - GPGIndustries - Forum

Download From Mediafire:

Mirror Link
VolcanoTool_v1.2.0 Full.exe - 35.0 Mb


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